With Easter approaching, you can use these Easter activities for kindergarten kiddos to create some engaging, hands-on activities! You can use them to explore letters, and even some writing activities for those more advanced kiddos.

Easter Activities for Kindergarten

For major holidays, changing seasons, and just for fun themes that my students find interesting, I love to swap out our traditional activities for something thematic! Not all of our work is themed, but holidays are just a fun time to explore something special.  

Easter Writing Tray

One of my favorite ways to get children excited about writing is to change up our sand trays! I swap out the sand or salt we may normally have out for something, bright, colorful and very exciting! For Easter, I got out the same sand I had used for Valentine’s Day – a beautifully rich purple with some sequins! We used this purple sand in combination with our Easter Letter Cards.

How to use salt trays for writing practice

Salt trays are a fantastic way for children to practice writing before they are ready to actually use a pen and paper. You can use them with Montessori sandpaper letters, or our printables if you do not have them.
Forming the letters in the salt (or sand) will give children a  chance to build confidence in their writing. They can practice forming letters in a way that stimulates the senses. Salt trays are great tools because children can easily ‘erase’ mistakes. They allow an effective way to practice penmanship.

You can also consider offering assorted manipulatives for them to use as a writing tool, such as a paint brush, a pom pom, an Easter egg if you want to stick with the Easter theme, or whatever it is that you feel will be interesting for your students.

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You may want to do this for little ones who have sensory concerns or just don’t like how the sand feels. My children don’t mind, but I loathe having dirty hands and personally prefer to use a manipulative.

For different holidays and special occasions, I like to provide special cards that go with the theme we are exploring. This is a fun and special remix of a Montessori activity – using sandpaper letters and salt trays.
Note: this is not something that I am presenting to replace using sandpaper letters, it is just a fun a spin that we have on the shelves for special themes.

Materials you need to set up writing trays:

  • Sand
  • 2 trays – one large, one smaller*
  • Optional – printables and laminator

*To present this material, I like to provide the tray of sand inside of a larger tray. This just keeps messes a teeny bit more contained.


Alternative ideas for using our Easter Letter Cards

You do not have to use these printables with a sand tray! You can use them in so many different ways!

Upper and Lower Case Matching

First, you can ask your students simply to match the upper and lower case cards! This is a fun and simple work. You can write the answers on the backs of the cards as a control of error for younger kiddos.

For younger students who are new to this type of activity, you may want to present only some of the cards at one time. Giving them all of the cards can be overwhelming to younger children. More advanced learners can be presented with more cards or all of them if they are ready.

Use a chalk board

If you do not want the mess of a sand tray, but do want your kids to practice writing in an erasable way, you can also consider providing a small chalk board! These are the perfect size for independent work and can erase mistakes easily like a sand tray. This can help to build up the confidence of young writers that are still learning proper letter formation.

Rainbow writing or play dough

You can really experiment with what works best for your young learners. The letters on the cards are large enough that children can practice rainbow writing or you can even present them with play dough to practice letter formation. The possibilities are almost endless!

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