After children have learned letter sounds, you can start to introduce simple consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) reading activities. Today, I want to share some fun Easter themed CVC activities for beginning readers!

Easter CVC Activities

Before I introduce the activities and printables we have been using, I wanted to briefly explain what CVC words are. CVC words are three letter words that start with a consonant, followed by a vowel, and end with a consonant. To teach my children to read, we use phonics. They learn first letter sounds – that the letter a makes the sound aaaa. This way, children can start sounding out words, spelling, reading, writing after learning only a few letters!

Today, I want to share a few ways that you can use our Easter CVC Sorting printables to create a few fun, hands-on activities for your young learners! 

What you need

  • CVC Printables Pack
  • Tray for presentation
  • Optional: Easter eggs
  • Optional: laminator and lamination sheets

This set of printables comes with vowel letter baskets, Easter eggs with written CVC words, and Easter eggs with images.

How to prepare the cards

I recommend printing this material on heavy-duty paper or card stock. I highly recommend adding a control of error to the back of the cards. You can write the vowel sound on the back of each card so students can check their work independently. Do this prior to laminating.

For Younger Learners

For kiddos that are not able to read yet or sound out words, you can use only the image cards and the baskets. For this version of the activity, I would present two letter baskets at a time with 2-3 of the image eggs. This will prevent overwhelm.

You can point to the each basket and pronounce the letter sound written on it. Suggest to your child to find an image that has a middle sound “aaa” for example.  

Sort CVC Words by Middle Sound

For children that already have some foundation in reading letter sounds phonetically, you can present the word cards (and/or the image cards, as well). Then, ask your learners to sort the eggs into the different baskets by middle sound. 

You can ask your learners to read each word as they sort them into each basket. 

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A fun way to make this activity more interesting can be to write the words onto Easter eggs! Children can then find the real eggs and place them into the correct basket!

You can make this work even more complicated for advanced learners by writing letters on different eggs. Then, ask the students to write CVC words themselves. 

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