Recently, I have discovered that my children and I are pretty into gardening! We have purchased many interesting seeds and have started experimenting and testing things in the garden. Naturally, I am loving tying this into our learning activities. We have been studying our worm life cycle again to learn more about healthy soil and friendly critters in a garden! 

So let’s dive into our worm life cycle study! You can use this use this during the spring, summer, or for a plant or vegetable unit. 

Worm Life Cycle

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

To introduce any new life cycle, I really like to start with a 3 period lesson using the 3 part cards in the pack. These are always a nice way to introduce vocabulary, discuss the phases of the life cycle, and simply to spark interest. 

I also like to use the spinners I include in the bundles during a presentation. 

Exploration Table

I also like to set up a table with some of the materials on display for my children to explore. Often, this will include a combination of paper materials as well as interesting models and objects that we have that relate to the theme.

I do not like to make something all that busy or cluttered. You may see these gorgeous overlays (or my less gorgeous attempt) on Instagram, but I find that my own children and students prefer when I keep these presentations more simple. I suggest here that you use your own judgement based on the needs of your students.

Remember, most of what you see on my website or social media (and that of others) is not the way it goes in real life. When I am working on lessons with my kids, I am not taking photos. Otherwise, our lesson would be how a camera works and how to style a photo – my kids get WAY distracted. 

Anyway, back to our worm life cycle. For a worm theme, I may present a few of the posters from the Worm Life Cycle Printables set I created. I may add another paper activity including the gluing work or 3 part cards if I were doing this at home. It is more to excite the children and to spark interest by providing a beautiful space for them to explore the materials at their own pace in their own way. 

In addition to the paper materials, I like to include several objects for children to touch, look at, or just think about: 

  • Animal model or figurines. Note – Safari Ltd sells a worm life cycle set 
  • Child sized magnifying glass 
  • Optional: Decorative objects, such as wooden plates or stands to hold up the posters vertically

Really, the possibilities are endless, but the idea is just to spark a bit of interest in an aesthetically pleasing way.  

Checkout our Pumpkin Life Cycle for more life cycle fun! 

Worm Life Cycle Gluing

I have written before that young children are losing hand muscle strength and have weaker hands than previous generations. We spend a lot of time working fine motor and practical life skills, which inherently strengthen the hand. These muscles are imperative to being able to do basic things like tie shoe laces, getting dressed, and carrying out a variety of daily tasks. 

I like to incorporate activities that require children to use their hands in different ways. With the life cycle activities, this includes several basic skills like using scissors and a glue stick. 

We do this with the life cycle cutting and gluing work. 

To reinforce the phases of the life cycle, another activity you can present is the lovely worm life cycle coloring book. I love this because children can make an entire “book” with their work. Coloring is a great way to practice pencil grasp, as well as generally giving children a moment for artistic expression. 

You could even ask a child to draw the life cycle out themselves for an additional challenge! 

Watch the Worm Life Cycle Activities in Action! 

You can see some of the materials in action here: 

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Grab The Worm Life Cycle Printables Here

Worm Life Cycle Printables Set Includes

  • 4 (Montessori) 3 part cards with control cards, image cards, and label cards
  • 1 spinner and cover
  • 2 anatomy posters
  • 1 life cycle poster
  • Life cycle cut and paste activity
  • Life cycle coloring book – 5 pages
  • 4 black and white and unlabeled 3 part cards

Download Printables long

Worm Life Cycle

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