If there is any sort of activity that I kind of geek out about, it is definitely presenting anything SCIENCE, but especially life cycles! There is just something so beautiful and exciting about studying life and how something grows. This summer, one of the new themes we covered was the life cycle of a blackberry!

Blackberry Life Cycle Activities

Age: You can use these materials for children approximately between the ages of 4-6.
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Blackberry Life Cycle 3 Part Cards

To introduce any new life cycle, I really like to start with a 3 period lesson using the 3 part cards in the pack. These are always a nice way to introduce vocabulary, discuss the phases of the life cycle, and simply to spark interest.

I like that this set of cards includes more than only the stages of the life cycle of a blackberry. It also gives children a chance to explore the types of products one can make with blackberries. From fresh blackberries to pie to juice!

These life cycle 3 part  cards are a nice way to present new information. You can choose to present them on a display for children to explore. This can be as complicated or as simple as you think will work for your students. Sometimes, I choose a few cards to place on a nice wood piece and place that on the shelves. Alternatively, you can use this on a nature table.

I would also recommend gathering some fresh blackberries as a delicious snack while studying this life cycle! Even better if you can go somewhere to pick them.

Have you seen our Snail Life Cycle?

We have a blackberry bush growing in our backyard. My children gathered fresh berries that we enjoyed as a family. This practical life component was so exciting! You can point out the different parts of the plant, show children how the flowers bloom and become the fruit we eat. Showing them the real life version of what you are covering in class can be absolutely fascinating!

Blackberry Life Cycle Gluing Work

There’s something about these spinners that just absolutely wow my children! They are such a fascinating representation of the life cycle! Children can hold it and manipulate it. During our study, I often put the spinner and our Blackberry Life Cycle Poster on display on the shelves. I like to present it vertically so that it adds an interesting component to the shelves.

For this gluing work, I keep all of the necessary materials neatly on a tray.

For the presentation of the gluing work, I keep several objects on the tray.

You will need

  • spinner on a stand
  • gluing mat
  • blackberry life cycle poster
  • glue (kept in a small cup to prevent it from moving on the tray)
  • objects to glue in a bowl

Here, you can see my son using the spinner, life cycle poster, and gluing work together.

Get the Blackberry Life Cycle Printables

Please note, if you are a member of the Hands-on Kids Activity Club, the printable Blackberry Life Cycle is included as a bonus product in the Life Cycle Library. If you are not a member of the Club, you can learn more about the Club here. You can get the life cycle separately below.


  • 15 (Montessori) 3 part cards with control cards, image cards, and label cards
  • 9 sequencing cards
  • 1 spinner and cover
  • 1 life cycle poster
  • Life cycle cut and paste activity
  • Life cycle coloring book – 9 pages
  • 7 black and white and not labeled 3 part cards

Download Printables long

Blackberry Printables

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