Writing in a sand tray is a fantastic way to help children learn proper letter formation and become more confident in their hand-writing. We love using sand trays to introduce writing. Continuing our weather theme, we are loving these cloud letter and number cards!

Did you know that this printable is one of the materials previously released in the Hands-on Kids Activities Club?

Cloud Letter and Number Cards

Age: You can use these cards for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

Book: The Weather by Sophie Kniffke

Pinterest Board: Weather


The cloud and raindrop cards in this set of printables is a fun way to practice matching upper and lower case letters. Alternatively, you can use the number cards to practice number order or number quantity.

You can use our weather cards along with a sand (or salt) tray to combine a letter recognition activity with a writing one!

Sand trays are a fantastic way for children to practice writing before they are ready to actually use a pen and paper. You can use them with our printables.

Because children will be forming letters in the sand using their fingers, their brains will remember how to form them. This process will stimulate the muscle memory of letter formation.  Additionally, forming the letters in the sand will give children a  chance to build confidence in their writing. They can practice forming letters in a way that stimulates the senses.

Cloud Letter Cards with Sand Tray

Children can use a manipulative or their fingers to create the letters in the sand. You can use a paint brush or pom pom for writing for children who do not like how the sand feels on their hands. Some children are very sensitive to how things feel and different sensory input.

I recommend providing a larger tray to place both the sand tray and the cards inside of. This way, if the sand spills, you will have somewhere to catch the spills. I also like to place the cards on a stand so that they are easier to see for the child.

Upper and Lower Case Matching.

You can also present this as a matching work for upper and lower case letters.

Please note – I would not present all of the cards of the alphabet at one time. Especially for younger children, consider presenting 3-5 letters at a time (or the quantity you think your students can manage). Little ones can become overwhelmed when the work seems too big.

This set of printables comes with all of the upper case cards on a cloud.

The lower case cards are on raindrops.

Have you seen our Weather Sight Words Cards?

I really like this combination of cloud and raindrop for the upper and lower case matching work. My kiddos thought it was so cute to see the clouds with their matching raindrops underneath!

Raindrop Number Cards

Lastly, we explored number order, number quantity, and even writing numbers!

Here, I would not introduce all of these steps at the same time on one tray.

I would recommend choosing to present the cards and a sand tray if you would like to emphasize number formation and writing. You can present the number beads and cards if you wish to emphasize number quantity.

Weather Sight Words

For more advanced children, you can use these sight words cards along with a sand tray.


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What is Included?

These sight words cards are part of our Weather Language Printables Pack! It also includes the following materials:

  •  A-Z Capital Rain Cloud Letters
  • A-Z Lower Case Rain Drop Letters
  • 0-9 Rain Drop Number Cards
  • 27 Sight Words Cards

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