We love a good farm theme activity! There is something so fascinating to children about exploring animals, life, food, and all of the interesting ways in which farms and farming contribute to our lives. A farm theme is a great way to practice many different skills- you can teach about life cycles, incorporate language lessons, or even practice counting skills. Today, I will show you a very fun way to add some math to your farm theme with our free Rabbit Number Puzzles.

Farm Theme Rabbit Number Puzzles

Age: You can use these materials for children approximately between the ages of 3-6.

Purpose: Practice number order, number quantity, and number symbols.

Pinterest Board: Science


Prepare the activity

This counting work is easy to prepare. You only need a few materials that you likely already have! Let’s begin with printing.

Printing Recommendations

To prepare your rabbit number puzzles, I highly recommend printing on cardstock or a durable paper option that is compatible with your printer. Each printer will vary in the quality based on the type of ink and paper used. I highly recommend testing until you find an option that is suitable for your needs.

Additionally, to guarantee the best printing quality, you should always download and save your PDF to your computer. Use adobe to open PDFs, and AVOID using your internet browser.

You can read more about my printing recommendations here.

After printing, if you intend to use this work with several children, it is recommended to laminate the cards to prevent damage and guarantee repeated use.


  • Printables (laminated and cut)
  • Manipulative or object for counting
  • Tray for presentation

That’s all!

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Presentation of Farm Theme Number Puzzles

First, I place all of the necessary materials on the tray we are using. The beads will be our manipulative in this example, but you can use any counter or object that you want. I find it important to keep them in their own bowl or tray to prevent moving on the tray.

Note how the separate sides of the puzzles are kept apart. Children should be able to look at the tray and see how the work should be used. A tidy tray will also make it easier for the child to clean up the work when she is finished using it.

This is not a material that I would give for introducing numbers and counting, but it is a very nice way to practice these skills. After the child has successfully completed this work, they will have practiced number order (placing all of the cards in order from least to greatest or even the other way), and matching number symbols to their corresponding quantities.

For younger children who are not yet counting to 10, then you can present fewer cards to prevent overwhelm. For children who are more advanced, you could present all of them.

Before the child can use this work, you can give them a demonstration of how to complete it.

  1. Invite the child to join you on the floor.
  2. Place the tray on a mat on the floor.
  3. Take the number symbol cards.
  4. Lay them in front of you in order from 0 to 10. Make sure there is enough space for a manipulative and the pairing puzzle piece.
  5. Take one of the number quantity cards (the cards that have images on them).
  6. Place it next to the first number card (0).
  7. If the cards correspond, leave image card next to it’s pair. If they do not match, place this image card by the next number symbol.
  8. Take another image card.
  9. Repeat these steps 5-8 until all of the puzzle pieces have been paired.
  10. Then, take your manipulatives and lay the corresponding quantity underneath each matching puzzle.
  11. Count them out with the child.
  12. Clean up the work carefully.
  13. Now, you can tell the child that they can work with the material whenever they wish.

It is important to remember that some children may not choose to complete the work straight away after a presentation. This is ok! It is important for children to choose their work, and it is our work as educators to observe and understand why they are or are not choosing particular trays/activities. Please do not worry, but think about why this may be happening instead.

These Rabbit Puzzles are absolutely perfect as an addition to your farm theme! They are so cute and the images are real photos! I love it when that happens.

I rotate between using this during a farm theme study OR during the spring for an Easter or spring unit!

Download Farm Theme Rabbit Puzzles

 Download Printables long

Farm Theme Rabbit Number Puzzles

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