You know that feeling when you present some new materials to your students and they immediately love them? This is exactly what happened with our volcano theme activities! They hit that sweet spot of interest meets challenge meets happy learners! Let’s dive in…

Did you know that this printable is one of the materials previously released in the Hands-on Kids Activities Club?

Volcano Theme Activities

Age: You can use these materials for children approximately between the ages of 5-7.

Book: Volcanoes by Sylvaine Peyrols

Pinterest Board: Geography

Introduction to Volcano Themed Activities

You can use these activities and printables to introduce your students to volcanoes of the world. Your students will learn about the different types of volcanoes, the names of real volcanoes, will be able to sort volcanoes by continent, will learn different interesting facts about the volcanoes covered, and more!

This set of materials is intended to provide an overview to children.

As you can see from this photo, I like to add a special book to our shelves. This tends to fit with the bigger, new theme that we are exploring. I like to introduce a new topic with an interesting book to spark the children’s interest.

This is actually a book that inspired all of these activities. We had the book first, but my son kept asking questions, leading to the activities below.

There are also several posters I used to decorate our shelves and to serve as an interest point for my children.

Beautiful Images

I made several image cards for my children to explore. My daughter is two and will not be participating in almost all of these activities. However, these photos are a material that both kids can use.

For older kids, they can read the simple descriptions of the photos. Younger children can look at the photos to see how volcanoes look in real life.

I am very happy with these cards. I like that the photos cover a variety of phases of a volcano’s life.  Plus – that lightning photo is so cool! My kids ended up studying these with magnifying glasses! These photo left quite an impression.

Note: the printables set includes many more photos than pictured here. I couldn’t fit them all in on our table.

Introduce Types of Volcanoes

First, I begin with a set of types of volcanoes 3 part cards. These cards show both the internal make-up of volcanoes and their external appearance by type.

My seven year old found this a very fascinating material to explore.

Working hard on our volcano theme activities!

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Make Your Own 3 Part Cards

To make sure that the information from the Volcano 3 Part Cards was retained, my son also created his own version of the same 3 part card using the black-line version.

This is a great way to practice writing, and coloring is fun!

He very proudly showed me how he learned about the internal make-up of an active volcano! Look lava!

Volcanoes of the Continents 4 Part Cards

This is a perfect work for older children.

For younger kiddos who may become overwhelmed by very big work, you may want to consider presenting fewer cards. Introduce one volcano from each continent first, and then add materials as needed.

Volcano Theme Printables

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Volcano Printables

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