Hi there and welcome! I’m Yuliya, the author behind Welcome to Mommyhood, my little space on the internet. Welcome to Mommyhood is where I share life as a mother, raising my children alongside my husband in our Montessori inspired home. I love writing about learning activities and printables for parents and teachers, tips and resources for setting up a Montessori home, and life from a wheelchair.


Get to know me 


I was born in Russia, but when I was five years old, my family moved to the United States. I was raised in Michigan, but I left the United States when I turned 20 to study in Europe. In 2008, I met my now husband while traveling. It was such a chance meeting – we met in the tram in Prague, locked eyes, and love grew from there! Now, we have two children and a beautiful life together.



My Montessori Journey


I started researching and learning about Montessori when my son was just around one year old. My husband and I noticed that when we would get water for ourselves and place it on our coffee table, our son would approach the table, grab our water cups and would start pouring the water from one cup to the other. Before he could even walk independently, he was so intrigued by pouring. I started giving him more and more opportunities to practice this skill, and also turned to google to understand why he was doing this. It was then that I came across Montessori and the rest was magic!


I am a researcher by profession, and I got to researching. With each additional book I read, I fell more and more in love. Everything about this approach just made sense. I understood why my son was exhibiting certain behaviours, and I realized that so much of how my husband and I were raising our little one already fit with Montessori.


It was then that my love for Montessori began. Since learning about Montessori, I have gained a love and passion for it! My husband and I have worked hard to create  a Montessori inspired environment in our home, one where our children are treated as capable individuals, raised with love, kindness, and respect. I share our tips for parenting, setting up a home, and thoughts on Montessori philosophy.


On top of that,  I also create learning activities for my son. I share printables and how you use them to create hands on learning activities at home, or at school. These materials can be used by Montessori and non-Montessori educators, too!


Since first starting our Montessori journey, my husband and I have come a long way, and we couldn’t be happier. I love sharing our story and our Montessori inspired life style with you on here. I know from experience how overwhelming and difficult this process can be.



If you have any questions or comments, you can always get in touch with me!


Life as a mother in a wheelchair

In 2015, I was seriously injured in an accident while my husband and I were working on our home. This has permanently left me using a wheelchair as a t10 paraplegic. Even though this adjustment has been difficult, I like to share my struggles as well as achievements on here.  I hope you can see that even though life from a wheelchair can be a challenge and quite painful at times, that I am still able to live a fulfilling life!

Here on Welcome to Mommyhood, even though the focus is on Montessori inspired living, I do like to share insights into my life. I have written about my pregnancy journey, and have started sharing how I do things! Even simple things like picking up a pencil from the floor can be a challenge from a wheelchair. I like to show small tips that make these parts of my day easier.

When I was first injured, it was hard to imagine that life could ever return to normal. Luckily, it sure has! I was even pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after becoming injured. I share my story here to reach out to others that may be struggling. I hope to show that life will be normal again, that it settles down, and that it will be okay.

If you are struggling, whether it’s with paraplegia, or something else, you can always reach out to me. I am so happy to talk, discuss, or share my personal story. You can reach me by email (yuliya@welcometomommyhood.com) or the best way is by facebook messenger!