Thanksgiving Preschool Activities Learning Number and Letter

Setting up a fun collection of holiday themed activities can be so exciting for young children. This year, I am excited to share some new Thanksgiving Preschool Activities that you can download below. These are easy to prep activities that are perfect for reinforcing beginning sounds and counting in a fun way! Thanksgiving Preschool Activities [...]

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Snail Life Cycle Activities for Science Centers

Have you ever studied the life cycle of a snail with your students? These creatures are quite interesting for young children. You can even explore them in your outdoor space, or raise some indoors. Studying life cycles is a nice way to show children how animals and plants grow and develop. You can use these [...]

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Thanksgiving Color Sorting

You know that feeling when an activity just comes together? When it hits that sweet spot of child's interest, easy-peasy prep work, and everything just flows so easily! These Thanksgiving Color Sorting cards absolutely hit our sweet spot! They are perfect for practicing color names and color matching. Plus, these turkey color cards are great [...]

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Squirrel Theme Fall Kindergarten Activities

There is something so exciting about life cycles! Studying how creatures live, what they eat, and learning about them can be so fascinating for young children. Even toddlers find it interesting to see baby animals or plants! As we continue with our fall learning activities, our squirrel theme has been one of the most loved [...]

Farm Theme for Kindergarten Rabbit Number Puzzles

We love a good farm theme activity! There is something so fascinating to children about exploring animals, life, food, and all of the interesting ways in which farms and farming contribute to our lives. A farm theme is a great way to practice many different skills- you can teach about life cycles, incorporate language lessons, [...]

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Montessori Inspired Blackberry Life Cycle Activities

If there is any sort of activity that I kind of geek out about, it is definitely presenting anything SCIENCE, but especially life cycles! There is just something so beautiful and exciting about studying life and how something grows. This summer, one of the new themes we covered was the life cycle of a blackberry! [...]

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Volcano Theme Activities

You know that feeling when you present some new materials to your students and they immediately love them? This is exactly what happened with our volcano theme activities! They hit that sweet spot of interest meets challenge meets happy learners! Let's dive in... Did you know that this printable is one of the materials previously [...]

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Cloud Letter and Number Cards

Writing in a sand tray is a fantastic way to help children learn proper letter formation and become more confident in their hand-writing. We love using sand trays to introduce writing. Continuing our weather theme, we are loving these cloud letter and number cards! Did you know that this printable is one of the materials previously [...]

Weather Sight Words Cards

I have a serious obsession when it comes to sand trays! They are so beautiful and provide such an enriching sensory experience for children! There are so many benefits to using sand (or salt) trays. Today, let's dig deep into how you can use a sand tray to practice sight words with our weather theme [...]

Introduction to Ocean Animals with our new Ocean Theme

We are deep diving into an Ocean Theme! I am so excited to show you all of our exciting ocean activities, including a toddler appropriate set-up, and the six year old work in our newly updated home learning space. Today, let's talk all about ocean animals! Ocean Theme Activities Age: You can use these cards for [...]