Moon Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

We have been so into learning about space lately.  Yvann is really excited to understand how we go to space, how does the surface of the moon look, what happens to gravity? We are diving deep and iI will be sharing a lot over the coming weeks. For now, I am giving you a quick [...]

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Positive Parenting and Peaceful Parenting Resources

Something that is so important to me and near to my heart is providing parents with resources to succeed. Whether it is learning activities or positive parenting resources, this is my true passion. I have to admit that parenting is the hardest thing that I have ever done. There are times when I feel like [...]

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China Unit Study

 We are really enjoying our China-themed activities now that Chinese New Year is approaching. Today, I am sharing several activities we have done to introduce China. These are meant to give an overview.   I am so excited to start teaching my son geography, history, and generally about other cultures! It's so interesting to watch [...]

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Chinese New Year Cutting or Tracing Activities

With Chinese New Year approaching (on February 16!), I am having a lot of fun preparing different China and Chinese New Year activities for my children. Today,  I want to share a super simple freebie you can use to help your students work on their handwriting or scissor skills! It's another set of Tracing or [...]

The Sentence That Helped Me Connect With My Children

Kids are hard. Raising confident, independent, happy, well-adjusted children that turn out to be productive members of society? It's not an easy job by any means. Not to mention all of the guilt, worrying, and constant fears that surround parenting. When you add the daily grind, the arguments about the correct color of the milk cup, [...]

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Winter Sight Word Printables

Do you have a budding reader at home? Learning sight words is not intuitive - you cannot sound them out like you can other simple words or CVC words. Sometimes, an extra activity to practice reading (or writing) these difficult words can really help children! Today, I am sharing our Snowman sight words cards that can [...]

Winter Activities: Hands-on Language Printables and Activities

Learning new vocabulary, practicing writing, and spelling is an important part of our language programs, of course. At school, I always try to bring out themed literacy materials to make sure I provide the children with opportunities to learn key vocabulary relevant to their lives at the moment. Right now, we are diving deep into [...]

Decluttering Toys – Creating a Montessori Play Space

Let's get straight to the point today - how do you know which toys to keep and which ones to remove from your environment? How to do you minimize, declutter, and just know what to toss if you are decluttering toys? How do you know what you need to keep in a Montessori play space? [...]

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The Mitten Activities for Kids

Have you read The Mitten at home with your children? This book is such a fantastic addition to our winter book rotation. I love reading it to both children. Inspired by our reading time, I put together a list of mitten activities for kids based on this lovely book! You can use set these up [...]

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The Mitten Addition Activity

Have you read the book The Mitten with your kids? It's a sweet favourite of ours and the illustrations are beautiful. I was inspired by this book to create some math works. Afterall, counting and adding just seem to fit the theme with this book, right? Using The Mitten as inspiration, I created some Mitten [...]

By | 2018-01-23T22:02:03+00:00 January 23rd, 2018|3-6 years old, Addition, Kindergarten, Math, Winter|0 Comments
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