How I am Teaching My Son and Daughter about Consent from Birth Because #MeToo

Before I say anything else, I am going to warn you - this article is raw. It's emotional. It's personal. I am sharing a part of myself, a part of my story that I have only shared with a small, tiny group of people that I know personally in my "real life". I never planned to share [...]

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Farm Books for Kids

Books are a fantastic way for parents and caregivers to connect with children. I love snuggling with my munchkins on the couch or in bed as we read books, learn new things, and just get lost in an amazing story! That enthusiasm and excitement as children learn about new possibilities, see beautiful images, and are [...]

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Montessori Halloween Activities- Bats 3 Part Cards

When it comes to Montessori Halloween Activities, I tend to focus on materials that can be used to create related activities, but not 100% Halloween-y. I like to explore related topics like learning about spiders, the human body, and even bats for Halloween! It's fun, related, but also based on reality. Halloween Halloween isn't celebrated here [...]

Montessori Russia Activities and Printables

I'm so excited to be sharing a new thematic unit with you! Today, I am sharing our Montessori Russia activities and printables! This is a theme dear to my heart because this is where I was born. At home, we speak Russian (and English and Frisian). I really loved putting together these activities to show [...]

Fall 3 Part Cards: Cones and Needles

You guyssss, I am just obsessed with fall! I am so excited to get all of our fall themed activities up on the shelves. We have been slowly working on them last month, along with our farm themed activities. Today, I want to share some of our beautiful fall materials - our Cones and Needles Montessori 3 [...]

Farm Animal Activity Pages

As you know, we have started studying a farm theme at home with Y and N. Today, I am excited to share a new free printable - Farm Animal Activity pages! These cute printables can be used as coloring pages, but we did something a little different... This post contains affiliate links at no cost [...]

Chicken Life Cycle

I'm so excited to be sharing a fun set of learning activities we recently covered with Yvann - we're focusing on Chicken Life Cycle Activities! We live in a pretty rural area here in the Netherlands. Sheep, cows, and chickens are part of our view on our daily walks, and I absolutely adore it! Of [...]

Fall Activities: Leaf Pin Punching

We are getting ready to do a big set of fall activities. I haven't been posting too many of our activities lately. It's been a bit of a struggle to navigate because N has been into all of Y's activities! I've been super frustrated trying to figure out a way to give both kids what [...]

Respectful Parenting diaper changes

Babies are hard work, am-I-right? With all of the hustle of daily life, I can find myself struggling with respectfully caring for my daughter, while managing the 128,497 other tasks parents are managing throughout the course of the day. However, Montessori parenting has really had a significant influence on my parenting and has taught me the [...]

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Gorgeous Jigsaw Puzzle Finds on Etsy!

We looooove puzzles! Puzzles are such a great way for children to develop concentration, logic, and reasoning. Puzzles are a fantastic way to help children's cognitive development overall. They help children to learn about the world around them, and exposes them to beautiful images. When it comes to choosing puzzles (or any material) for my [...]

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