Gorgeous Montessori Baby Spaces

Who doesn't love a beautiful Montessori baby space? I sure do! I can't help but swoon over the adorable baby mobiles, captivating little hands. Those neat and tidy shelves with just the right amount of toys? Ohh, I could just look through photos all day! That and reminisce about the brand new baby phase that [...]

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Respectful Parenting diaper changes

Babies are hard work, am-I-right? With all of the hustle of daily life, I can find myself struggling with respectfully caring for my daughter, while managing the 128,497 other tasks parents are managing throughout the course of the day. However, Montessori parenting has really had a significant influence on my parenting and has taught me the [...]

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Montessori Baby Activities: Balance beam for babies

Gross motor development is such an amazing part of baby's growth! Isn't it absolutely fascinating and magical how these sweet little ones are born completely dependent on us caregivers? They cannot move about or care for themselves. Within a few months, they are crawling, sitting, and picking up toys! As caregivers, we can set up Montessori [...]

Montessori Toys for Babies: 4-6 Months Old

It can get quite overwhelming to prepare for baby and search for the perfect toys. We get bombarded constantly with commercials and advertisements for all sorts of gear and contraptions. Today, I want to provdie a concise list of (mostly) Montessori Toys for Babies around 4-6 months old. These are toys that my daughter loved. [...]

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High chairs for a Montessori home

What? High chairs for a Montessori home? Yes! Today, I am chatting a bit about why one may choose to use a high chair and what to look for in one. For our family, both a high chair and a Montessori weaning table have been a great compromise! High chairs for a Montessori home Why [...]

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Montessori inspired baby spaces

I am kind of obsessed with Montessori baby spaces. There's something so beautiful, simple, and calming about them. Creating the perfect Montessori baby space first seemed very daunting to me. The more I studied and learned though, the easier I found it. Montessori baby spaces are simple. The necessities are basically a soft place to [...]

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Introducing solids: Baby led weaning and Montessori weaning

Oh my! baby Natasha is already six months old and has officially started weaning! We are introducing solids! I'm excited about it, but also admittedly a bit sad that Natasha is growing so fast. It's blowing my mind that she is growing so fast. Starting solids though really is an exciting new phase! Today, let's [...]

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Montessori for Infants: Respecting our babies

One of my favourite things about Montessori is that children are treated with respect and dignity. I think that at the core, more than the materials, Montessori is about how we see children as capable individuals. Montessori for infants is largely based upon respecting even the youngest members of our families. When it comes to [...]

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Easter basket ideas for babies

Easter is approaching quickly, and many of you are probably thinking about what to get for those cute little babies for their Easter baskets. I think babies tend to be pretty difficult to buy for.Personally, I'm really rather particular about the items I give my children, and it can get a bit tricky when loving [...]

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