Montessori Baby Activities: Balance beam for babies

Gross motor development is such an amazing part of baby's growth! Isn't it absolutely fascinating and magical how these sweet little ones are born completely dependent on us caregivers? They cannot move about or care for themselves. Within a few months, they are crawling, sitting, and picking up toys! As caregivers, we can set up Montessori [...]

2017-2018 Montessori Preschool Plans

It's that time of year again! We are planning our Montessori Homeschool Preschool year! The planner in me adores thinking up our fun activities and getting organized! Bring on the lamination sheets! Before we dive in, I want to add a disclaimer. As I say each year that I post our plans and goals, these [...]

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4 Discovery Baskets for Babies

Babies love to explore. The entire world is new to them and holds so many exciting and beautiful things. To help babies learn about the world around them, it's fun to set up some discovery baskets for them. Discovery baskets (or treasure baskets) are easy to set up and can include objects you easily have [...]

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Montessori Puzzles Explained: Shape Puzzles for Toddlers

One of the genius things about the Montessori approach is how materials and activities build upon each other. Montessori puzzles are a great way for children to develop concentration, hand-eye coordination, strengthen hand muscles and work on so many more skills! Plus, they are a fun activity that so many children just love! Let's dive [...]

Seashell activities

I seem to have back to school on my mind. Summer vacation here literally just started! No, really, summer holiday in the Netherlands begins in middle to late July! The kids here get six weeks off. Once school picks back up in September, I will be teaching English at our village school a few hours [...]

Montessori Toys for Babies: Object Permanence Box

Baby N is already over eight months old! This really blows my mind, but it's happening - she's getting bigger! With Y, we didn't start implementing Montessori until he was just about a year old. This time, I'm really excited to see how N reacts and uses Montessori toys and materials from birth. It's just [...]

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Help your toddler develop their language skills

Children are born with this wonderful ability to absorb language. Babies are born, unable to say a single word, yet by the time they reach 3 years old, children can say sentences. Really, what an amazing ability! Dr. Montessori explained that children's minds are like sponges and absorb information, such as language. As caregivers, there [...]

Montessori 3 period lesson

One of the key ways to present new information to children in a Montessori environment is by using a Montessori 3 period lesson. The 3 period lesson is often used to teach vocabulary, but it also a very useful tool to teach concepts. Today, I want to focus on how to use this lesson to [...]

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Montessori baby activities: exploring senses at six months old

Babies love to explore their environment. Everything is new and exciting for them! Montessori baby activities can help baby to explore their environment, stimulate their minds, and really, help to baby and their caregivers to bond. What exactly do I mean by 'Montessori baby activities'? Well, really a simple activity that allows baby to explore, [...]

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Earth Day Activities: Montessori Pin Punching

Here's another holiday I have been neglecting - Earth Day! Every time I look at a calendar, I seem to find myself totally shocked that another day has gone by! I mean seriously self, I neeeeeed to make some fun Earth Day activities for Y! I feel like I need to start getting organized for Christmas now [...]