Place Mats for a Montessori Weaning Table

Since we have been on this theme of Montessori weaning this week, I wanted to show you a very useful item to have for your weaning table - some Montessori placemats! Montessori placemats Why: Montessori placemats are a very useful item to have in a Montessori home. I really like the ones that have an outline [...]

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Montessori weaning tables

I recently wrote an article explaining the difference between the Montessori approach to weaning and baby led weaning. Today, I want to dig a little deeper into Montessori weaning tables and spaces. Today's article features beautiful Montessori weaning spaces! Montessori weaning tables Montessori in Motion explains their set up and choices for introducing a weaning table. [...]

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Introducing solids: Baby led weaning and Montessori weaning

Oh my! baby Natasha is already six months old and has officially started weaning! We are introducing solids! I'm excited about it, but also admittedly a bit sad that Natasha is growing so fast. It's blowing my mind that she is growing so fast. Starting solids though really is an exciting new phase! Today, let's [...]

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Kids cleaning set: types of brooms, mops, and hand brooms for kids

One of the most beautiful aspects of implementing Montessori at home for me has been to see my son taking care of our home. Montessori is not just about trays and learning activities, but I feel that this approach to raising our children and this amazing life style deeply impacts how our children view the [...]

Easy recipes for kids: avocado egg salad

Y has recently become very interested in cooking. This has been a lot of fun for me to help him explore! I am really excited to share with you one of our easy recipes for kids to help your little one cook independently. I have to admit that I really love how well prepared he was [...]

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Montessori practical life activities at 4 years old

So March kind of came and went way too quickly. I guess for us, we are still majorly adjusting to my leg being broken and guys, we still don't even know if I need surgery. Nice and suspenseful, huh? Anyway, I'm a little bit taken aback that it's actually already time for another 12 Months [...]

Kids in the kitchen: Using a knife at 4 years old

One of my favourite aspects of Montessori is the emphasis on practical life activities and learning. I really enjoy being able to teach Y basic skills that he will need the rest of his life. I truly believe that learning to do simple tasks for himself helps to build up Y's confidence and self esteem.  Today, I [...]

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Children in the kitchen: kid friendly knives

One of the many important approaches of Montessori style parenting is giving children plenty of opportunities to be independent. In my home, as well as what you see in many other Montessori homes, is that children are very involved in typical household tasks, including cooking. There are many ways to enjoy cooking together and many [...]

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No need to be fancy! You can set up Montessori activities

I get a lot of emails from parents wanting to set up Montessori activities, but they are unsure of where to start or worry about purchasing expensive materials! When it comes to Montessori style activities, I feel like we can get wrapped up in buying lovely, expensive materials. I want to take a little bit [...]

Free butterfly cutting strips

The days are starting to get longer! You guuyys the days are finally starting to get longer, and warmer, and there are birds! I'm so, so excited for spring and slightly less bone chillingly cold here in the Netherlands!Of course, all of this excitement means it's time to get some spring themed activities on the [...]

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