10 Christmas play dough invitations and recipes

We've been loving our Christmas themed activities lately! Today, I am very excited to share some amazing Christmas play dough ideas that you can use with your kids! My son absolutely adores play dough exploration - I can't wait to explore these with him! Play dough is a wonderful toy! Children love to explore with [...]

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October practical life and fine motor ideas

Can you believe it's already October? I feel like time is just flying by! I suppose for me, it feels even more hectic than normal because baby girl will be arriving next month! I'm scrambling to get everything done before she gets here, including creating a supply of premade works for Y, freezer meals, and tons of [...]

Flour sifting practical life activity for kids

As we have been working through the Letter of the Week Series, Y has been showing a huge interest in learning to write. I love fueling his interests and creating opportunities for him to work on developing those skills. A fun, but simple way we worked on preparing his pencil grasp and strengthening hand muscles was [...]

Spring preschool activities: Flower arranging

Is it warm outside yet? Here, we've really into the rainy season and keep getting horrible storms. I'm so excited for warmer weather, flowers blooming and getting outdoors more once the weather gets better. I can't wait to start buying fresh flowers to display on our shelves and brighten up our spaces. In the winter, [...]

Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities

I know, I know, it was just New Year, Christmas, a whole bunch of holidays, but I'm already gearing up for Valentine's Day. Y's already gone through our Valentine's Day Practical Life Activities. He's also so into play dough. So I spent a while looking for some Valentine's Day-inspired play dough as well as general sensory activities! [...]

January practical life and fine motor trays

I mentioned a few times during the Letter of the Week series, that practical life works are very important. This is because they are precursors to writing.  Practical life trays, activities, or however you call them, help to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, strengthen muscles in fingers and hands, and pencil grasp in children. These are, [...]

Apple themed play dough round up

Fall is the perfect time to learn all about apples! Today, I am sharing a roundup of some fabulous ideas for apple play dough fun!Play dough is such a fabulous way for kids to work on fine motor skills, practical life skills, creativity, pre-writing practice, as well as just strengthening the muscles in their hands! [...]

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September practical life ideas

I recently shared our fun Farm themed printables! Today, I am sharing the practical life and fine motor activities that Y will be working on this month! A lot of these were also inspired by our farm theme (a special post for our hands on farm activities will be live soon).Here is a look at [...]