August practical life activities

Y loves hands on works. He is always looking to tinker, explore, and get his little fingers working. That is why practical life based works, as well as trays that focus on building fine motor skills are very important when I am planning Y's trays. Today, I am sharing the types of practical life works [...]

Fall themed cutting strips

I know, I know, it's not technically fall yet, but I live in the Netherlands. It's always fall here. Coldish, windy, rainy, and occasionally a day of sunshine. Summer weather really only lasts a day. Maybe two.   And so, I am in the mood for fall, for all things pumpkin, homemade pumpkin pie, and [...]

Transportation themed toddler shelves

Y adores cars, trucks, planes, and basically anything that moves! Now that I am back home and am getting back to presenting shelf work for him, I knew the first 'unit' I wanted to get done was a transportation theme. Today, I am sharing all of the fun learning activities he has been working on [...]

A guide to cutting activities and free ocean themed cutting practice

Summer is a great time to learn all about the sea and ocean! A lot of families visit the beach - an environment that is filled with all sorts of fascinating items and experiences! Their interest may be sparked, and it's a great opportunity to teach them all about the sea!  Today, I am sharing [...]

Free fruit cutting and patterning practice

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am sharing a fun freebie that is perfect for summer! Mr. Toddler spent the week with me and we had a ton of fun with this simple fruit themed cutting practice!We've been loving snacking on all sorts of delicious fruits this summer - easy, healthy, and so tasty! Mr. Toddler's current obsession [...]

Summer cutting practice

As the weather has started finally turning for the better in my neck of the woods, I am so excited to start placing new works on Mr. Toddler's shelves. I'm starting to get back to replacing his activities after my accident and summer themed works have been on my mind!  Today, I am sharing a [...]

Free Spring Cutting Practice

Today, I am so excited to share a very simple printable and work with you. Lately, Mr. Toddler has been so excited about using scissors, which means that I was absolutely obligated to share with you a simple spring cutting strips printable! You can download it for free at the end of this post!  Spring Cutting [...]

Africa themed practical life and fine motor activities for toddlers

Mr. Toddler had so much fun exploring Africa in the month of February. I am so excited to finally share the works that we had on our shelves with you today! We kept these works up for quite a bit of time in comparison to our usual shelf rotation. The reason being that Mr. Toddler just [...]

March practical life and fine motor activities

I am so, so excited to be sharing some wonderful activities with you today! These are a compilation of just some of the March themed fun we've been having the last week or so as Mr. Toddler works on his practical life skills, his fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination! There are so many [...]