March practical life and fine motor activities

I am so, so excited to be sharing some wonderful activities with you today! These are a compilation of just some of the March themed fun we've been having the last week or so as Mr. Toddler works on his practical life skills, his fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination! There are so many [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Cutting Practice

My son is obsessed with scissors. Do I say that every single time I share a cutting practice work? Yes, yes I do because the scissors obsession is still going full force. St Patrick's Day Cutting Strips In all honesty, Mr. Toddler's love of sharp, shiny things kind of totally frightens me. That is why we have been focusing so much [...]

Valentine’s Day Practical Life Activities for Toddlers

Valentine's Day is approaching soon! It's really a holiday that my husband and I rarely celebrate (our anniversary is exactly 1 week after Valentine's Day), but I did think it would be fun for Mr. Toddler to set up a few Valentine's Day inspired works on our shelves! Here is a compilation of several, easy [...]

Valentine’s Day Cutting Practice

Mr. Toddler has been loving using his scissors lately. Today, I am sharing a very simple way to get some Valentine's Day themed cutting practice in for little ones learning to master scissors!  These heart printables are perfect not only for a fun way to practice scissor skills, but also for patterning. After having your child cut out the hearts, [...]

Winter Activities for Kids: Premath and prewriting practice

Today, I am sharing a very simple and fun way to work on writing, math, and more with your toddlers and preschoolers! I love working on our winter activities with my kids with trays like these! They are great for developing hand-muscles, finger strength, and prepare children for writing!  Winter Activities for Kids - Prewriting [...]

Winter activities for kids: counting practice

We have been loving working with clothespins around here lately! They're a really easy way to work on some essential fine motor skills (pincer grasp) as well as practical life activities. I found a few decorative packs of mini clothespins - the type you can use to hang Christmas cards, and they've been a huge [...]

Winter Activities for Kids: January practical life/fine motor trays

Mr. Toddler adores practical life or fine motor works. He loves being able to do. I have to admit that our works haven't been rotated as much as he needs lately and he's been asking every day to go work. 'New works, mama? Let's go work!'  I spent quite some time during my short break [...]

Christmas Tree Counters and clip cards

I know, I know, Christmas evvverrrything! This is really going to be the last Christmas related tot-school post I'll be sharing this year! I promise, but...I have a confession to make. I kind of love putting together my son's trays. Like a lot. And you know what else is equally as fun? Finding (inexpensive) manipulatives that [...]

A few more Christmas themed shelves

I know, I know, it's almost Christmas! Just a few days left! I hope you're all having a lovely time preparing (not too much stress and all). I have been slacking a bit on showing you guys everything on our shelves lately. This week, I put up the last of our holiday themed works together. [...]

Hanukkah play dough mat

I've been so busy making countless activities for our Christmas/New Year/Saint Nicholas' Day shelves, that I've really been neglecting our Hannukah shelves and activities. And then I realised, it starts on Tuesday. It's definitely time to get some blue and white on our shelves (conveniently, with that theme, I got to carry over some trays [...]