Montessori Baby Activities: Balance beam for babies

Gross motor development is such an amazing part of baby's growth! Isn't it absolutely fascinating and magical how these sweet little ones are born completely dependent on us caregivers? They cannot move about or care for themselves. Within a few months, they are crawling, sitting, and picking up toys! As caregivers, we can set up Montessori [...]

Our favourite indoor gross motor toys

Lately, I've been getting some questions about what to do when your kids get aggressive with their toys, hyper, or have a difficult time concentrating on activities. Today's post is dedicated to addressing those concerns in a simple way.   With my own child, I notice that he tends to get restless, a little bit [...]

Montessori outdoor spaces and activities

Even though the Dutch weather is still pretty gray, summer is in the air! My family loves spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, and exploring! Mr. Toddler is very inquisitive and I love adding nature exploration to our homeschool works. Summer is a perfect time to get some educational outdoor exploration into your day!  In order [...]