Free Halloween patterning strips

Y is just so excited to learn about Halloween! We've been really working on learning about the United States and learning English lately. Y is really interested in it, especially because that's where Grandma (Babushka) and Grandpa (Dedushka) live! He wants to know all about America!Halloween is a fun way that we can talk about [...]

October practical life and fine motor ideas

Can you believe it's already October? I feel like time is just flying by! I suppose for me, it feels even more hectic than normal because baby girl will be arriving next month! I'm scrambling to get everything done before she gets here, including creating a supply of premade works for Y, freezer meals, and tons of [...]

Spider Life Cycle Activities

Halloween is approaching soon! There's always something about Halloween that I just can't help but associate with bugs, creepy crawlies, and spiders. We've actually had quite a few spiders around our house, which has sparked several conversations with Y. Naturally, we had to get a few spider life cycle activities up on the shelves!I've mentioned [...]

Halloween cut and paste

Y is still having a blast with practicing using his scissors! We used this very simple Halloween themed cut and paste activity recently and Y loved it!  The kiddo had a fever and wasn't feeling well all weekend. This was one of the few things he actually wanted to work on instead of staying in [...]

Free Halloween printables for preschoolers

I can't believe it's already October! For those of you in the United States, that means that Halloween is approaching! Here in the Netherlands, we don't celebrate Halloween, but I still like to present some Halloween themed works for Y.  It's fun to teach my kiddo about different holidays and cultures even though we aren't [...]

Pumpkin cutting printables

Y is still absolutely loving using his scissors! The kiddo can sit for half an hour cutting up strips of scrap paper, the cutting strips I make, tissue paper, etc. I love seeing the concentration on his face as he practices!  Today, I am sharing some fun pumpkin themed cutting strips, inspired by the season!  Free [...]

Pumpkin letter matching and DIY letter tiles

I mentioned recently that Mr. Toddler has been asking to practice his letters quite frequently lately. This week, we're finally diving in and really giving letters and reading the attention he's been craving. I came up with a few very simple idea to see which letters (letter sounds) he really knows. Then, I added an additional printable [...]

Halloween activities & Free printables

Looking for some last minute Halloween activities for toddlers or pre-schoolers? Today, I'm sharing loads of Halloween inspired activities for tots, including not one, but two large and free printable packs for kids! Halloween Activities Arts and crafts For our arts and crafts, we made a ghost! I do like to keep our activities and themes [...]

Pumpkin activities for toddlers

Happy Friday folks! I'm really excited to share with you a mini unit this week! I focus on pumpkin activities for toddlers and share a bunch of free printables at the end of this post! As always, they're all available in both English and Russian.  This post may contain affiliate links Pumpkin activities for toddlers [...]