Awesome Gluten Free Pumpkin Mini Muffins

We love easy and pretty healthy recipes around my home! This fall, one of our favorite little treats has been these gluten free pumpkin mini muffins recipe! I love that my kids can easily help to make these muffins, too. We get to make fun (and oh so messy) memories together and enjoy a yummy [...]

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Types of Pumpkins 3 Part Cards

It is officially fall, which of course means all things pumpkin are everywhere! My six year old has already requested pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, and pie! For now though, I am just so excited to get our pumpkin theme materials ready, starting with some gorgeous pumpkin 3 part cards! I am so happy because I [...]

Turkey Life Cycle Printables and Activities

This year for our Thanksgiving themed activities, I have been prepping a lot already. With a baby due only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I really want to make sure I get all of our printables and activities prepped and ready to go ahead of time. This year, I want to make sure we try some [...]

Pumpkin life cycle works

Fall has to be my favourite season. But I have to admit that this pregnancy is making me love it even more. I am so relieved to have cooler weather, the smell of pumpkin everything (not to mention the huge freezer meal portion of pumpkin pancakes that will be made later today), and occasional rainstorms that [...]

Turkey Colour Cards

With Thanksgiving approaching so quickly, I am sharing a new freebie! I made some fun Thanksgiving themed Turkey Colour Cards! These cards a cute and fun way to help little ones practice their colours and are perfect for this time of year! Happy learning!  Free Thanksgiving Printables Thanksgiving themed turkey colour cards More Thanksgiving themed [...]

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Thanksgiving cutting strips

Thanksgiving is coming up so quickly! Today, I have a fun Thanksgiving freebie for you guys that is Thanksgiving inspired!  We've been working a lot on scissor skills lately. I created a very cute Thanksgiving set of cutting strips that can help your little ones practice their cutting skills! You can download your own free [...]

Pumpkin cutting printables

Y is still absolutely loving using his scissors! The kiddo can sit for half an hour cutting up strips of scrap paper, the cutting strips I make, tissue paper, etc. I love seeing the concentration on his face as he practices!  Today, I am sharing some fun pumpkin themed cutting strips, inspired by the season!  Free [...]

Thanksgiving Activities Round Up

We are so excited to be sharing all of the fun Thanksgiving themed printables and activities on Welcome to Mommyhood!  Thanksgiving Activities and printables Hands on pumpkin life cycle works Ultimate Thanksgiving printables pack Pumpkin CVC sort for early readers Turkey life cycle printables Pumpkin Fraction Cards Turkey colour cards Thanksgiving cutting strips Pumpkin cutting [...]

Thanksgiving Activities: Montessori 3 part cards and beginning sound cards

Today, I'm sharing the last part of my Thanksgiving Activities series! I'm sharing something very Montessori - Thanksgiving 3 part cards and beginning sound cards!  Thanksgiving 3 part cards  These cards make fantastic pre-Thanksgiving activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. They are such a great way to build up vocabulary! In my home, we use 3 part [...]

Thanksgiving Activities: Spelling Activities

Today, I'm sharing the next printable in my Thanksgiving Activities Series! I'm really excited about this one because aside from the fun theme (all things fall), it's touching on spelling and letter recognition!  Thanksgiving Activities:  Letter recognition activities I made this printable with Montessori in mind (thus the letter tiles in red and blue), as [...]