St Patrick’s Day Missing Number Clip Cards

We have been working our way through some fun St Patrick's Day activities! Y has really been into addition and learning to add number combinations up to 5.  Now that he is working on addition, I wanted to create a few fun St Patrick's Day addition materials.  I created some more challenging addition cards with a [...]

St Patrick’s Day Visual Discrimination

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner! This year is already going by so fast! Today, I am sharing a small freebie that is St Patrick's Day themed - a visual discrimination printable!  What is visual discrimination? Visual discrimination is the ability of a child to be able to distinguish the features of various [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day (pre) Math Printables

Mr. Toddler has been loving math works lately! With Saint Patrick's Day approaching, I made him some themed math printables to help him work on math concepts! Today, I am sharing these printables for free with you guys!  St Patrick's Day Printables Set includes  Size sorting rainbows and shamrocks Size sequencing  Shape matching Free St [...]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Science for Toddlers

Mr. Toddler has been loving water play lately. He's so ready for summer, pools, the beach, and more, but our weather is far from summer-y. Instead, we are stuck indoors due to high winds and massive amounts of rain.  Because of his love of water, I wanted to create a simple hands on activity that [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Number Cards: 3 ways

I'm excited to share a new free printable with you guys! Today, we're talking about Saint Patrick's Day with some very fun number cards that are perfect for teaching little ones to count and number quantities.  This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! The fun thing about this set of printables is [...]

March practical life and fine motor activities

I am so, so excited to be sharing some wonderful activities with you today! These are a compilation of just some of the March themed fun we've been having the last week or so as Mr. Toddler works on his practical life skills, his fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination!  There are so many [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Cutting Practice

My son is obsessed with scissors. Do I say that every single time I share a cutting practice work? Yes, yes I do because the scissors obsession is still going full force.  In all honesty, Mr. Toddler's love of sharp, shiny things kind of totally frightens me. That is why we have been focusing so much on practical life skills pertaining [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Activities

This page contains all of the Saint Patrick's Day themed posts and activities you can find on Welcome to Mommyhood! Be sure to checkout all of the other holiday themed works we've done, too!   Saint Patrick's Day Themed Activities   St Patrick's Day Pre-writing Tray for Toddlers St Patrick's Day Push Pin Printables St Patrick's Day [...]