St Patrick’s Day Tracing or Cutting Strips

St Partick's Day is in just a few days! It's the perfect time to grab a copy of our St Patrick's Day cutting strips to practice those scissor skills. These printables are super easy to set up - just cut around the border to use them as cutting strips, or leave them as sheets and [...]

Rainbow Activities for Babies or Toddlers

With spring and St Patrick's Day approaching,  colors and rainbows are on my mind. Today, I wanted to share a small themed shelf you can set up for babies or young toddlers filled with gorgeous rainbow activities and materials! I am setting up some rainbow works for my son (5 years old) and wanted to [...]

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St Patrick’s Day Math Activities for Kids

With St Patrick's Day coming up so soon, it's the perfect time to practice counting, addition, and math activities with a fun twist! We have collected some awesome Montessori and hands-on St Patrick's Day math activities so you can create awesome activities that your students and kids will love! Turn math activities into fun, exciting, [...]

St Patrick’s Day prewriting tray

While I have shown how we use salt trays with Y now that he is learning how to write, today I wanted to also share how you can set up a pre-writing tray for slightly younger children. Of course, with St Patrick's Day approaching, I couldn't help but add a little bit of something to combine both [...]

Free St Patrick’s Day Addition Clip Cards

Sooooo St Patrick's Day is really coming up soon! I can't believe that already it's March. The days all feel like a blur to me though with little Natasha already four months old, and Y keeping me busy. I sometimes wish that I didn't really need to sleep - just imagine how much time there [...]

St Patrick’s Day Missing Number Clip Cards

We have been working our way through some fun St Patrick's Day activities! Y has really been into addition and learning to add number combinations up to 5.  Now that he is working on addition, I wanted to create a few fun St Patrick's Day addition materials.   I created some more challenging addition cards with a [...]

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St Patrick’s Day Visual Discrimination

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner! This year is already going by so fast! Today, I am sharing a small freebie that is St Patrick's Day themed - a visual discrimination printable!     St Patrick's Day Visual Discrimination Printables   What is visual discrimination?   Visual discrimination is the ability of a [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day (pre) Math Printables

Mr. Toddler has been loving math works lately! With Saint Patrick's Day approaching, I made him some themed math printables to help him work on math concepts! Today, I am sharing these printables for free with you guys!     St Patrick's Day Printables Set includes   Size sorting rainbows and shamrocks Size sequencing Shape [...]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Science for Toddlers

Mr. Toddler has been loving water play lately. He's so ready for summer, pools, the beach, and more, but our weather is far from summer-y. Instead, we are stuck indoors due to high winds and massive amounts of rain.Because of his love of water, I wanted to create a simple hands-on activity that would give [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Number Cards: 3 ways

I'm excited to share a new free printable with you guys! Today, we're talking about Saint Patrick's Day with some very fun number cards that are perfect for teaching little ones to count and number quantities. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! St Patrick's Day Number Cards The fun thing about [...]