Strawberry number finger painting

Whenever I can, I try to combine learning activities with practical, real experiences that my children can relate to. Lately, one of Y's favourite foods has been strawberries! He can munch on an entire package in one go. Even baby N has been loving them! Of course, this has meant, we needed to do some [...]

Strawberry life cycle printables

I love studying plants and life cycles during this time of year! We have a small garden with lots of strawberries, currants, blackberries, and well, pretty much every berry ever. And not so small. I'll do a tour one of these days, but it's pretty amazing to get delicious fresh fruits from our backyard. The [...]

Summer activities: Watermelon themed unit activities

Today, I am sharing a bunch of activities that you can use to set up the perfect watermelon themed unit! With a variety of activities, ranging from play dough fun to counting practice to practical life, we have you covered! Watermelon themed activities are so much fun for summer. We have been having so much fun [...]

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Father’s Day Cutting Strips freebie

Father's Day is coming up very soon. We've been so excited, making crafts and even turning our shelves into a Father's Day themed set of works!  Y recently got a new pair of scissors that he just loves using! Of course for us, this means more cutting strips to exercise those hand muscles and practice [...]

Beat the heat! Set up a car wash!

It has been hot here. Suddenly, the rain and wind have disappeared and instead we have heat. You guys know I live in the Netherlands, right? Well, here's the thing about Dutch homes - most don't have air conditioners. In fact, I don't know anyone that has air conditioning at home. This makes it hot.  [...]

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