Christmas addition strips

We are having so much fun working on all sorts of Christmas activities this month! I am so excited to be sharing our simple Christmas addition strips! Y has been loving these for working on simple addition facts! Have a look below to see how we turned this simple printable into a fun, hands-on learning [...]

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10 Christmas play dough invitations and recipes

We've been loving our Christmas themed activities lately! Today, I am very excited to share some amazing Christmas play dough ideas that you can use with your kids! My son absolutely adores play dough exploration - I can't wait to explore these with him! Play dough is a wonderful toy! Children love to explore with [...]

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Christmas Color Cards for Toddlers

We are definitely in the holiday spirit around here! Yesterday, we had a lovely Sinterklaas celebration (St Nicholas Day). I always know it's December and the holiday season when all of the St Nicholas Day festivities begin. It's always afterwards that we set up a Christmas tree, and have a family-oriented Christmas, followed by a large [...]

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Toddler Christmas Shape Matching Printables

We love the holiday season! Today, I am sharing a brand new Christmas freebie, specifically for toddlers practising their shapes! We loved works like this when Y was two, but now I am excited to create these activities for my little niece who is turning two in a less than two weeks! For you guys, [...]

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Christmas number cards

We are setting up new, Christmas and holiday themed activities and I am so excited to get the rest of our Christmas materials up in our shop! Today, I am sharing a new material that we are using to review numbers and number order with Y!     You can use these printables to create [...]

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Christmas image cards for babies

Christmas is in the air! We're so excited to celebrate our first holiday season as a family of four! Baby Natasha has been such a blessing and joy since her arrival just two and a half weeks ago! We are all so in love with her, but Y seems to be most excited of all. [...]

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St Nicholas Day Activities

Today, I am going to be sharing the trays my son has been working on for our Sinterklaas or St Nicholas Day theme! Before we get to the trays though, I do want to chat briefly about my cultural background. I've talked about it before, but here's a quick review. I was born in Russia/Crimea and moved [...]

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Christmas Tree Counters and clip cards

I know, I know, Christmas evvverrrything! This is really going to be the last Christmas related tot-school post I'll be sharing this year! I promise, but...I have a confession to make. I kind of love putting together my son's trays. Like a lot. And you know what else is equally as fun? Finding (inexpensive) manipulatives that [...]

A few more Christmas themed shelves

I know, I know, it's almost Christmas! Just a few days left! I hope you're all having a lovely time preparing (not too much stress and all). I have been slacking a bit on showing you guys everything on our shelves lately. This week, I put up the last of our holiday themed works together. [...]

Christmas Tree Number Cards

I mentioned last week that my husband and I are forgoing gifts this holiday season. Not bothering with presents has certainly opened up some more time for other fun things (like working on our house), but really also actually fun thing things like holiday filled activities to do with our toddler as well as holiday-themed trays [...]