Christmas Tree Counting Activities

With Christmas right, right, right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few simple and FUN Christmas Tree Counting Activities! You can build up the excitement for the holidays and work on a few fun math activities at the same time! We're still going strong with the Christmas theme at [...]

Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Christmas

With the holidays in full swing around us, we can often get lost in the joy, chaos, and just work of it all. While the holidays can be such a fantastic time of year, I think that there is something that we may be likely to forget - how to care for our planet Ditch [...]

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12+ Ideas for a Non Gift Oriented Christmas

The winter holidays - whether you celebrate St Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, etc, can all easily become fixated on what the kids will get. These holidays have such a rich background and history beyond the gifts though. This year, I am putting in a lot more effort into avoiding the gifts, getting rid of the [...]

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Why we are telling our children about Santa Claus and some wonderful alternative traditions

The holidays are in full swing, right? Our homes are filling with the smells of cookies baking, cinnamon, mandarins, and beautiful decorations. This time of year is perfect for bonding and spending quality time together as a family. Personally, I love this time of year! It feels so magical, so delightful, and so exciting! Last [...]

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Spring activities: flowers pin punching

So spring? Nice weather, beautiful flowers, and getting outdoors more. I just cannot wait to get started with all of these fun spring activities! I'm already planning my garden - filled with special raised beds that my husband will need to build for me so I can drive underneath them with my wheelchair.The raised beds [...]

Valentine’s Day Practical Life Activities

We have been incorporating some fun, simple to set up Valentine's Day activities onto our shelves lately. I've been working hard to snap photos of our works as they come up last month and today, I am excited to put it all together - a list of Valentine's Day inspired practical life activities that you [...]

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Valentine’s Day themed science activities

Y is such an inquisitive young boy! He loves to explore, ask questions, and figure out how things work. To encourage his love of learning, I have searched for some awesome science experiments that you can easily set up at home with a fun, Valentine's Day theme! These activities are perfect for this time of [...]

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Valentine’s Day Activities: Montesssori Pin Punching Activity

Valentine's Day is approaching soon, and of course, kids are busy making fun crafts, cards, and decorations! Our home is no different, but I do like to offer some form of semi-structured activities. For that, I set up invitations to create - where I present certain materials that focus on specific goals or targets for [...]

Winter activities: free winter number puzzle printables

I am beyond ready for warm weather. It has been so cold here lately - I just can't wait to start getting outside more. Seriously, getting outside with a teeny baby and using a wheelchair when everything is covered with a thin layer of ice is just yucky. I can't be too bothered with it, [...]

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Valentine’s Day Salt Tray Tutorial and Printables

We have been very busy practicing writing and working on letter recognition. Today, I am so excited to show you not only our fun Valentine's Day Salt Tray cards, but also a super easy tutorial for creating coloured salt or sugar to use in your writing trays!   Valentine's Day Activities: Pre-writing cards with a [...]