Halloween Shapes Printables

Is it me, or did September last about 2 minutes? It's already October and I couldn't resist, but to start off the month by sharing these fun little Halloween shape activities with you! My kiddos having been loving our past shape themes with bees and dinosaurs, so naturally, a fun Halloween theme was too cute [...]

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How to help someone dealing with a health crisis or a difficult time

I remember very early on after coming home from the rehabilitation center and needing to adjust to life now, having a conversation with a friend. She said she was nervous visiting me in the hospital and the centre because she was never sure what to say or do. She didn't want to say something to [...]

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It’s okay not to be a perfect Montessori parent

I recently read a blog article about the Montessori method that left me feeling a bit sad. While I normally enjoying reading anything and everything about Montessori, this particular time, I finished up doubting my choices as a parent and feeling not good enough.I started thinking a bit about my own blog and the feeling [...]

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Free Bee cutting strips for scissor practice

We are starting a new life cycle exploration! I'm really excited to start teaching Y all about bees! We will be doing several fun life cycle themed activities so do stay on the lookout not only for our hands-on activities, but for our fun bee life cycle printables!For now, we are really hoping the spring weather [...]

St Patrick’s Day Push Pin Printables

Is St Patrick's Day really less than a month away? I cannot believe it's almost March! We've actually started preparing some fun and simple invitations to explore St Patrick's Day. One of the St Patrick's Day activities I set up was a simple pin poking printable.As you may have noticed, we have been loving pin [...]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from my family to yours! I want to take a minute to say a huge thank you for all of your amazing support last year! Welcome to Mommyhood grew to include a webshop where we sell our homemade Tot Labs products! I am so humbled by all of your lovely feedback on [...]

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Free Letter R Printables Pack

Welcome back to this week's Letter of the Week series! Today is all about the Letter R with a fun rainbow theme! Be sure to scroll down below to download your own free Letter R printable pack!  As always, be sure to visit Mumma Diaries to see all of the fantastic hands on activities and printables Amruta [...]

Letter of the Week: Free Letter Ll printables

Welcome back to today's letter L printables post as part of the Letter of the Week post series that Amruta from Mumma Diaries  and I are hosting! I'm really, really looking forward to sharing the hands on letter l activities that we are working on. For now, I'm just giving you guys a 'sneak peak' by [...]

Free hands on letter K printables

Welcome back to today's letter k printables post as part of the Letter of the Week post series that Amruta from Mumma Diaries  and I are sharing!  As I mentioned in the Letter K book recommendations, today's printables pack is formatted slightly differently than the printables I have shared before now. This week, we did a [...]