Meet baby Natasha: Our birth story

The past two weeks, I have been largely absent from here. I have a really good excuse though - our baby girl arrived! Of course, life has become far more chaotic, beautiful, and exhausting all at once as we figure out a new routine for our family.  Welcome baby Natasha!  She's only 11 days old, [...]

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Paralysis and Pregnancy: Birth plan

Now that I am in the third trimester, I'm really happy to finally have worked out a birth plan with the help of my gynecologist and midwives! I have an incomplete spinal cord injury at the t10 level (around the belly button). For me that means that I cannot move my legs, but still have feeling below [...]

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Baby Gender Reveal

Psst!!! I know I'm a tad bit behind in my pregnancy updates, I do want to update you guys on something fun and pregnancy related - the sex of our baby!  It's a...  We are so excited to say that baby number two is a girl! I've been having so much fun picking out little [...]

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Paralysis and Pregnancy: 14-16 Weeks

It's been a little while since I've updated you guys on the pregnancy. I'm still going to be sharing a three week update today, focusing on weeks 14 through 16. I like the little bit of lag time to be honest (I'm actually 23 weeks today!) because when the little babe gets here, I also [...]

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Paralysis & Pregnancy: 10-13 Weeks

I'm really excited to be sharing the next update on my growing 'bump'! Our little baby is has grown tremendously in the past ten weeks. We are all getting more and more excited as each day goes by! Y especially can't wait to see the baby and play with her. Y still says it's definitely [...]

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Paralyzed & Pregnancy: 8-10 weeks update

Welcome back to this week's pregnancy update! I'm really excited to be sharing this journey with you guys! I have to admit that I completely forgot to get a belly shot in aannny of these weeks. It's not all that interesting though because there's still no real 'baby belly' (just a bloat belly), but I [...]

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