Montessori bedroom spaces

Parents often ask me where to start with Montessori. Aside from learning activities, an important aspect of Montessori at home is setting up your space. Today, I want to take a look at some Montessori bedrooms. We will discuss important aspects to focus on when setting up a Montessori space for your child. A Montessori [...]

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Montessori for Infants: Where to start with Montessori for your baby

One of the questions I get asked the most is: I don't know where to start. What should I do? Many times, these are expecting mothers, unsure of where to begin to create a Montessori environment, specifically for their babies. Let's take some time to discuss how to prepare yourself for your Montessori baby, what [...]

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High chairs for a Montessori home

What? High chairs for a Montessori home? Yes! Today, I am chatting a bit about why one may choose to use a high chair and what to look for in one. For our family, both a high chair and a Montessori weaning table have been a great compromise! High chairs for a Montessori home Why [...]

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Montessori inspired baby spaces

I am kind of obsessed with Montessori baby spaces. There's something so beautiful, simple, and calming about them. Creating the perfect Montessori baby space first seemed very daunting to me. The more I studied and learned though, the easier I found it. Montessori baby spaces are simple. The necessities are basically a soft place to [...]

Avoiding Praise: alternatives to good job

If you are new to Montessori, you may have noticed that in such a setting telling a child 'good job' is discouraged. It may seem strange. After all, what's the harm in telling a child they did well? We want to show our children that we love and appreciate them. We want them to know [...]

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Montessori baby activities: exploring senses at six months old

Babies love to explore their environment. Everything is new and exciting for them! Montessori baby activities can help baby to explore their environment, stimulate their minds, and really, help to baby and their caregivers to bond. What exactly do I mean by 'Montessori baby activities'? Well, really a simple activity that allows baby to explore, [...]

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The Prepared Adult: finding time for yourself and making activities

I recently wrote about how important it is that we adults find time for self care. With that, I think it's also important to share a few small ways that I manage to make time for myself and make it easier on myself to run my home. These are small tips of course because let's [...]

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How to help someone dealing with a health crisis or a difficult time

I remember very early on after coming home from the rehabilitation center and needing to adjust to life now, having a conversation with a friend. She said she was nervous visiting me in the hospital and the centre because she was never sure what to say or do. She didn't want to say something to [...]

Montessori for Infants: Respecting our babies

One of my favourite things about Montessori is that children are treated with respect and dignity. I think that at the core, more than the materials, Montessori is about how we see children as capable individuals. Montessori for infants is largely based upon respecting even the youngest members of our families. When it comes to [...]

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The importance of self care

Today,  I want to talk to you guys about self care and how important it is to just make that time for yourself. Even if it means ignoring some tasks like dishes, even if you think you don't have time for it, even if you can't fathom ignoring that laundry. Please, just think about yourself. [...]

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