Gift Guide For Children Who Love Nature

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to share some gift ideas with you for children who love nature! There is such a wide variety of types of items on this list. I looked for items that I would also welcome into my own home. I had so much fun putting this gift guide [...]

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How to Stay Organized When Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is always a busy time, and if you don’t stay organized, you’re likely to accidentally let something slip through the cracks. To make this Christmas season the best it can be, you need to get organized right away. One of the most chaotic parts of the season his holiday shopping, making it [...]

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Awesome Gluten Free Pumpkin Mini Muffins

We love easy and pretty healthy recipes around my home! This fall, one of our favorite little treats has been these gluten free pumpkin mini muffins recipe! I love that my kids can easily help to make these muffins, too. We get to make fun (and oh so messy) memories together and enjoy a yummy [...]

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Easter Basket Ideas for the Nature Lover

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore nature. Little children love, love, love to learn about the world they live in. They are so curious and fascinated by little critters, flowers, and in general by nature. This Easter, why not encourage their curiosity with some amazing nature-themed Easter basket ideas. Don't forget to [...]

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Rainbow Activities for Babies or Toddlers

With spring and St Patrick's Day approaching,  colors and rainbows are on my mind. Today, I wanted to share a small themed shelf you can set up for babies or young toddlers filled with gorgeous rainbow activities and materials! I am setting up some rainbow works for my son (5 years old) and wanted to [...]

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Positive Parenting and Peaceful Parenting Resources

Something that is so important to me and near to my heart is providing parents with resources to succeed. Whether it is learning activities or positive parenting resources, this is my true passion. I have to admit that parenting is the hardest thing that I have ever done. There are times when I feel like [...]

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The Sentence That Helped Me Connect With My Children

Kids are hard. Raising confident, independent, happy, well-adjusted children that turn out to be productive members of society? It's not an easy job by any means. Not to mention all of the guilt, worrying, and constant fears that surround parenting. When you add the daily grind, the arguments about the correct color of the milk cup, [...]

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Observing the child

I often get email queries from parents asking me "What activities should I present to my child?" "What can I do with a 20 month old?" "How can I get my child to enjoy writing? Maths? etc," The reality is that I cannot answer those questions for you. Of course, I can tell you what my children [...]

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5 Things I Will Do to Be a Happier Mother

Parenting can be exhausting, difficult, draining, and yet completely and totally wonderful. As much as I adore my children, I think it is so easy to feel like I am just not doing good enough. Comparing myself to other parents, comparing my children to other children, and feeling just generally inadequate. It can get overwhelming. [...]

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Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Christmas

With the holidays in full swing around us, we can often get lost in the joy, chaos, and just work of it all. While the holidays can be such a fantastic time of year, I think that there is something that we may be likely to forget - how to care for our planet Ditch [...]

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