Awesome Gluten Free Pumpkin Mini Muffins

We love easy and pretty healthy recipes around my home! This fall, one of our favorite little treats has been these gluten free pumpkin mini muffins recipe! I love that my kids can easily help to make these muffins, too. We get to make fun (and oh so messy) memories together and enjoy a yummy [...]

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Delicious Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

During the fall in the village here, I always love that we have pumpkins sold directly on our way to school every morning. We have access to all sorts of delicious types of pumpkins and squash that I can grab on the way home from teaching the kiddos to make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie, and [...]

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Halloween Recipes for Kids – Mummy Bark

I am so excited to be sharing something so fun, so cute, and so Halloween-y with you! I usually don't make such a big deal about holidays in general, but this year, I promised myself that I would be a bit better at this. So today, I am going to showing you one of my [...]

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Easy recipes for kids: avocado egg salad

Y has recently become very interested in cooking. This has been a lot of fun for me to help him explore! I am really excited to share with you one of our easy recipes for kids to help your little one cook independently. I have to admit that I really love how well prepared he was [...]

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Cooking with kids: Pumpkin pancakes with printable

Y has been absolutely obsessed with pancakes lately! He loves to eat them, and I love creating healthy recipes with lots of yummy ingredients. Of course, this time of year, pumpkin is finally available and we are taking full advantage of it by creating delicious recipes like these super healthy pumpkin pancakes! One of the things I [...]

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15 healthy pancake recipes

With back to school approaching quickly, I've started planning some healthy breakfast recipes. One of my favourite breakfasts on busy days consists of pancakes and a portion of fruits on the side. Pancakes are really a versatile breakfast option as you can change up just one or two ingredients to completely change the flavour! Add [...]

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Summer recipes: 10 delicious peaches recipes

Aside from watermelon, another favourite summer fruit of ours are peaches! We love to eat them as snacks, but also to use them in some of our favourite summer recipes!  There are so many dishes you can prepare and add just the perfect amount of sweetness and extra summer flavour by adding peach! From savory [...]

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Summer Recipes: 17 Delicious watermelon recipes

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be hot. Obviously, right? Except in the Netherlands, where I live, where it is cold. But right now I'm pretending I'm back in Michigan, where my mom says it's ridiculously hot, and there's lots of pool and lake time happening.  Because this lack of [...]

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Fun summer snacks for kids

When it comes to snacking, especially during the summer time, we love to have easily accessible, yummy, but also healthy snacks available to Y.With so much time being spent outside, it can get hard to do, but today, I am sharing ten delicious summer snacks for kids! These are healthy and ones that you can even [...]

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16 Adorable Father’s Day Recipe Ideas

Father's Day is coming up soon (June 19th!). Personally, I need to plan ahead and get organised ahead of time to be able to keep my cool and get things done, especially around fun holidays like this. Father's Day is a great opportunity to create memorable gifts with your kids, but I also love to [...]

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