Moon Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

We have been so into learning about space lately.  Yvann is really excited to understand how we go to space, how does the surface of the moon look, what happens to gravity? We are diving deep and iI will be sharing a lot over the coming weeks. For now, I am giving you a quick [...]

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Farm Animal Activity Pages

As you know, we have started studying a farm theme at home with Y and N. Today, I am excited to share a new free printable - Farm Animal Activity pages! These cute printables can be used as coloring pages, but we did something a little different... This post contains affiliate links at no cost [...]

Strawberry number finger painting

Whenever I can, I try to combine learning activities with practical, real experiences that my children can relate to. Lately, one of Y's favourite foods has been strawberries! He can munch on an entire package in one go. Even baby N has been loving them! Of course, this has meant, we needed to do some [...]

Art Projects for Kids: Montessori Renoir Printables and Activities

Something Y and I don't do nearly enough of is exploring art and artists. Now that the 12 months of Montessori theme is fine arts, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a small artist study. Y really loves to paint so teaching him specifically about a painting technique seemed like a fun [...]

Snowman craft

It has been cold here lately. As in freezing. Or rather below freezing. It's cozy inside - heat turned up, sweaters on, and tea sipping in progress. I really hate to be cold, of course, Y is sick, and naturally, with a newborn, we aren't spending much time outdoors in freezing weather. There's not even [...]

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Famous paintings cards

As promised during our Art curriculum planning post for this year, we are working on a new set of art themed activities! I'm so excited to start teaching Y about different forms of art, artists, paintings, and so much more!  Actually, putting these activities and printables together has made me realise another reason why I feel so [...]

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2016-2017 Homeschool Art Plans

I'm really excited to be doing something a bit new this year for our homeschool plans! We will be doing monthly themed art and art appreciation studies! I'm so excited for this, but also a little bit nervous as this is the first time I setting up works like this for Y.  The idea here [...]

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Tree painting

Today I am sharing my second post for the 2015 Paintathon! With the seasons getting ready to change, and fall colours just starting to make their appearance on the leaves here, I wanted to set up a fun invitation to explore warm colours in our painting.  I created a simple tree printable for Y to explore. [...]

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