Painting with wheels

When it comes to thinking up crafts or art projects for Y, I have to admit, I am not that creative. I can spend hours making printables or hands on learning activities, but crafts? I consider it an accomplishment if I manage to create some sort of 'invitation' to draw by providing him paper and [...]

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Valentine’s Day Colour Gradient Printables

Mr. Toddler has been working very hard to learn his colours lately! We've had loads of fun with our penguin printables, but now with Valentine's Day approaching, I thought it would a great opportunity to practice some more colours!  I made a simple heart gradient printable for Mr. Toddler to practice his colours in a slightly [...]

Turkey coloring cards and color activities for Toddlers

First things first: Happy Halloween everyone! We don't have it here in the Netherlands, but I have definitely enjoyed putting together our Halloween inspired shelves! I will be writing later in the month about what we have instead here in the Netherlands. Today, however, I am sharing a few simple Thanksgiving inspired color activities for [...]

Fall activities for toddlers

I love fall. A lot. That means that I am just a little bit obsessed with coming up with fall activities for toddlers. It's always been such an exciting time - I love seeing all of the beautiful colours as the leaves change, I love that it's cooling down, and I can feel the excitement [...]

Mini space unit

I mentioned in my Tot School Curriculum post that I am planning on increasing the quantity of science based works that I present for my son. As part of my research for age appropriate science activities for two year olds, I actually realised something - I actually do provide science activities for my toddler! Units [...]

Art activities for toddlers: a simple invitation to draw

I frequently find myself struggling with providing art activities for my son. Finding appropriate art activities for toddlers can be tough. I don't provide opportunities, supplies, and I am not creative with it myself. Want to know what makes it just a little bit worse? I love to draw.  Here's the our previous home, I [...]

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