Winter Activities: Hands-on Language Printables and Activities

Learning new vocabulary, practicing writing, and spelling is an important part of our language programs, of course. At school, I always try to bring out themed literacy materials to make sure I provide the children with opportunities to learn key vocabulary relevant to their lives at the moment. Right now, we are diving deep into [...]

Montessori Winter 3 Part Cards

Do you guys still have lots of snow? We still don't have any on the ground. Even though we don't have what I would consider a real winter, we are covering a big Winter Unit at school. So I created some Winter 3 Part Cards! You know, I can't help but feel a little disappointed [...]

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Fall 3 Part Cards: Cones and Needles

You guyssss, I am just obsessed with fall! I am so excited to get all of our fall themed activities up on the shelves. We have been slowly working on them last month, along with our farm themed activities. Today, I want to share some of our beautiful fall materials - our Cones and Needles Montessori 3 [...]

Free types of penguins 3 part cards

Winter is such a fun time to learn about the arctic regions! Today, I am sharing a new penguin freebie just in time to add to your winter or Antarctica themed shelves!Psst! Did you know that penguins do not live in the Arctic? Penguins are perfect for an Antarctica themed study, however!   Winter Activities: Types of penguins [...]

Free printables: Simple sentence cards for ESL or early readers

As I mentioned in our Gross Motor Math Games post, I have recently started teaching English as a Second Language at my son's school. I'm really enjoying working with so many students and such a variety of ages, although it has definitely been a challenge to come up with new and engaging activities for older [...]

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Famous paintings cards

As promised during our Art curriculum planning post for this year, we are working on a new set of art themed activities! I'm so excited to start teaching Y about different forms of art, artists, paintings, and so much more!  Actually, putting these activities and printables together has made me realise another reason why I feel so [...]

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Animal themed activities for preschoolers

 I'm so excited to be sharing our first set of kids learning activities in our new home! We're still in the process of building, constructing, packing and unpacking, but are kind of living there more or less. It's ridiculously hectic but we are so happy to finally be in our house!  Y's room is no [...]

All about grains preschool activities and printables

Y loves, loves, loves to help me cook! It was his interest in food, cooking, and of course eating that inspired this set of activities and printables! Today, we're talking about grains!  Match the cards First, we worked on identification. For this I created a simple 3 part card set of printables. These are available [...]

Montessori North American Mammals cards

Today, I am sharing a lovely new set of printables! I worked on a set of over 50+ North American mammals cards! {This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you! Thank you so much for your support!} North American Mammals Cards These are going to be put in action onto our new Preschool shelves set [...]