The Mitten Addition Activity

Have you read the book The Mitten with your kids? It's a sweet favourite of ours and the illustrations are beautiful. I was inspired by this book to create some math works. Afterall, counting and adding just seem to fit the theme with this book, right? Using The Mitten as inspiration, I created some Mitten [...]

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Spring Preschool Activities: Flowers Printables

It's spring, it's spring, it's spring! We've been so lucky with some beautiful spring weather lately! We have been transitioning away from yucky, cold Dutch winter into a rainy, but surprisingly warm spring! I have been inspired to create some flowers themed learning resources! Creating spring preschool activities has been such a fun way to get [...]

St Patrick’s Day Missing Number Clip Cards

We have been working our way through some fun St Patrick's Day activities! Y has really been into addition and learning to add number combinations up to 5.  Now that he is working on addition, I wanted to create a few fun St Patrick's Day addition materials.  I created some more challenging addition cards with a [...]

Butterfly numbers bundle

I am very excited to be sharing another beautiful set of butterfly themed printables! Today is all about numbers and counting. We have been working on addition lately, and have been using a variety of the printables featured today to practice!  This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Spring Activities: butterfly life [...]

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Valentine’s Day Addition Clip Cards

Is it me, or did is this month just flying by? I mean, I'm still kind of surprised that it's already 2017, but now we are getting Valentine's Day activities ready! Of course, because of blogging, we get these ready a bit early, but still... it's a little wild! I suppose a big part of [...]

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Arctic animal addition strips

Y loved working on his Christmas themed addition strips so much that I couldn't help but make more strips for practising adding numbers up to 5! This time around, we are working on addition by using an arctic animal theme!   Arctic Addition Strips Age: Yvann is 4 years old   Why: Addition strips like these are a [...]

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Christmas addition strips

We are having so much fun working on all sorts of Christmas activities this month! I am so excited to be sharing our simple Christmas addition strips! Y has been loving these for working on simple addition facts! Have a look below to see how we turned this simple printable into a fun, hands-on learning [...]

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