Pumpkin life cycle works

Fall has to be my favourite season. But I have to admit that this pregnancy is making me love it even more. I am so relieved to have cooler weather, the smell of pumpkin everything (not to mention the huge freezer meal portion of pumpkin pancakes that will be made later today), and occasional rainstorms that [...]

Summer activities: Watermelon themed unit activities

Today, I am sharing a bunch of activities that you can use to set up the perfect watermelon themed unit! With a variety of activities, ranging from play dough fun to counting practice to practical life, we have you covered! Watermelon themed activities are so much fun for summer. We have been having so much fun [...]

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Spring preschool activities: Flower arranging

Is it warm outside yet? Here, we've really into the rainy season and keep getting horrible storms. I'm so excited for warmer weather, flowers blooming and getting outdoors more once the weather gets better. I can't wait to start buying fresh flowers to display on our shelves and brighten up our spaces. In the winter, [...]

Apple themed printable pack

Fall is the perfect time to learn about apples! My in laws have a lovely garden (they live on what used to be a farm). Luckily for us, we get to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from their garden, which includes the fruit from several apple trees.I really love that Y gets to not only [...]

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Montessori Flowers 3 part cards

With Valentine's Day approaching soon and with spring hopefully(!) just around the corner, I am very excited to share a new freebie with you guys! Here is a printable pack that I had a lot of fun putting together - flower 3 part cards! Be sure to download your own cards for FREE below!     Types [...]

Tot School: Montessori inspired peas unit and free printables

Hello there! Happy Friday! This week, we kept things short and sweet! I was pretty lazy when it came to making this week's activities, so we continued on with a few from last week, spent hours outside, and accomplished these:  Pea Themed Activities The Toddler has been really loving our Montessori activities so even though [...]