Over 10 Awesome Books about Bugs

There's just something about a good book that sparks curiosity, intrigue, and really just captivates a child. With spring around, we have really been enjoying some fascinating books about bugs! With little creatures and insects returning outside, I can't wait to get into learning about butterflies, honey bees, and ladybugs, while observing the real things! [...]

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Insect Learning Activities for Kids

It's spring!! I am so excited for nicer weather! We have been spending so much time outside lately! Natasha (18 months) is fascinated by insects and little critters. She is constantly pointing out interesting things that she notices when we are outdoors. I love her curiosity! While we aren't doing learning activities with her, I [...]

Parts of a Butterfly Cards

We finally have a small glimmer of spring in the air!!!! I am so excited (did you notice the multiple exclamation points?)! I can't wait to start gardening, smelling freshly cut grass, and to have our garden full of little critters for the kids to study and explore! We will be getting caterpillars soon, but for [...]

Insect activities for preschoolers: insect magnifying glass cards

With spring in full swing, we are enjoying studying all sorts of interesting topics pertaining to nature and the outdoors! We are so excited to spend more time outside in nature. Today, I am sharing a really fun way to explore insect activities for preschoolers. Y has been loving working on our garden - although [...]

Free Montessori classification cards: insects vs flowers

Spring is in the air! We're starting seedlings indoors and even are starting to really plan our garden! I'm so excited for the warmer days we are seeing and, ohh, the longer days are so nice! I really like to have more sunlight during the day. I feel so much less pressure to get everything [...]

Buggin it up! insect activities

I have to admit, it felt quite weird making this unit. At first, I was honestly a little mortified that the Toddler started showing an interest in bugs. I find them icky, gross, and most definitely not fun. And given that I have zero related manipulatives, I knew I'd have to make a gigantic printables [...]