Strawberry life cycle printables

I love studying plants and life cycles during this time of year! We have a small garden with lots of strawberries, currants, black berries, and well, pretty much every berry ever. And not so small. I'll do a tour one of these days, but it's pretty amazing to get delicious fresh fruits from our backyard. [...]

Green bean life cycle printables

We have recently started preparing out garden for spring. Because we are still (yes, still!) working on our home, our backyard is still home to never ending construction materials. So we started working on the front yard. While, it's not the ideal place to plant our veggies, we did start. Y is just so enthusiastic [...]

Insect activities for preschoolers: insect magnifying glass cards

With spring in full swing, we are enjoying studying all sorts of interesting topics pertaining to nature and the outdoors! We are so excited to spend more time outside in nature. Today, I am sharing a really fun way to explore insect activities for preschoolers. Y has been loving working on our garden - although [...]

Spring Preschool Activities: Flowers Printables

It's spring, it's spring, it's spring! We've been so lucky with some beautiful spring weather lately! We have been transitioning away from yucky, cold Dutch winter into a rainy, but surprisingly warm spring! I have been inspired to create some flowers themed learning resources! Creating spring preschool activities has been such a fun way to get [...]

Water cycle and weather unit

I'm so excited to finally be sharing the full set of weather themed activities we covered with Y! It's taken me ages to collect all of the photos because we really went deep! I'm so happy to also share our water cycle for kids activities!With large themed activities like this, I actually like to really [...]

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St Patrick’s Day Salt Tray

St Patrick's Day is coming so quickly! Only less than a week away! We have used this time to get a few nice St Patrick's Day themed activities in! Today, I am sharing a nice way to practice writing using our St Patrick's Day salt tray cards! This post contains affiliate links at no cost [...]

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Seasons sorting cards for pre reading

Y has been showing a growing interest in the passage of time, seasons, and times of year. I am really enjoying his questions (even if they are quite exhausting to answer), and his curiosity. To engage him, I recently created a printable for exploring seasons - Seasons sorting cards.  These cards are very beautiful and [...]

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Spring activities: flowers pin punching

So spring? Nice weather, beautiful flowers, and getting outdoors more. I just cannot wait to get started with all of these fun spring activities! I'm already planning my garden - filled with special raised beds that my husband will need to build for me so I can drive underneath them with my wheelchair.The raised beds [...]