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This LIMITED TIME ONLY OFFER contains over 1000 pages of amazing printable resources covering zoology, botany, and more topics related to nature. You can get our printables in one place!

These printables are ideal for children ranging between the ages of 3-7, although some materials can also be used for older children.

These materials have been carefully put together by Katherine from I Believe in Montessori and Yuliya from Welcome to Mommyhood

We have only included quality materials that are specifically related to this topic. It is organized specifically by topic to make it easy for you to use. 

Montessori Nature Bundle

Access to materials covering different areas of learning - language, alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, handwriting and more.  

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The current retail value of the printables included, sold separately is over $200! This entire bundle is going to be available for waaaaaaaaaaaay less!

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This bundle saves you the need to look in different places by providing all of these beautiful, quality nature materials in one place. 

quality materials

Katherine and Yuliya design their printables to be used and loved by children. Their goal is to create engaging, beautiful, and meaningful learning materials to inspire a love of learning in the children using them.


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Zoology Materials

Botany Materials  

Nature Materials

"Yes! I want to fill my classroom with these beautiful nature materials!"

Available for a limited time only!

All of the nature materials you need at your finger tips!

beautiful, Montessori materials for YOUR classroom and convenience

The Bonuses 

Fall Themed Materials 

Autumn Shadow Matching

Autumn in Paintings

Fall Objects 3 Part Cards

Leaf Pin Poking

Leaves Scissor Strips

Sunflower Number Cards

Sunflower Life Cycle 

Use these leaf letter cards to create hands-on learning activities for kids. These are perfect for a preschool, kindergarten, or Montessori classroom.
Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Language Materials

Phonics Clip Cards

Beginning Sound I Spy

What Others are Saying


“The All About Nature” bundle by Katherine and Yuliya is perfect for any Montessori classroom. I love changing out my seasonal and nature shelves frequently and the amazing number of materials included in the bundle let me do that easily!

Resources by these ladies are always high quality and my students have loved so many of these new sets this year- life cycle of a macaw was the perfect addition to our South America studies!

Anything I’ve needed- life cycles, parts of, types of- this bundle has. They even have number and counting cards! It’s totally worth every penny, and there is enough in here to keep up with my students changing and evolving interests without a second thought!"

Ashley, Montessori Teacher and Mom from Canada


I got my nature themed Montessori materials. My child and I LOVE IT! The product is perfect to expose your children to various nature themes on zoology, botanical and miscellaneous. We started with animals and continents as he loves animals. He was so excited he wanted to do all in a day. I'm so humbled and delighted to Yuliya and Katherine for sharing such a amazing product!

Varsha, Mom from Inida


I am thrilled with the All About Nature Bundle. The materials are beautiful, engaging, and intentional. I can't wait to print them off and get started! Thank you so much!

Elissa, Mom from the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Montessori teacher, can I still use these materials? 

Of course! These materials are designed with the Montessori method in mind, but you do not need to be a Montessori teacher to use them. Anyone can adapt them to create hands on learning activities.  

Is this a hard copy product? 

No, this is a digital product.

How many pages does this bundle contain? 

Can you believe it?! Over 1000+ 

Can I get this next month?

No, this is a temporary bundle only. Once it's gone, it's gone!

I homeschool my children. Is this a product I can use? 

This is perfect for you! We designed this bundle to specifically cater to the needs of educators, whether they teach at school or at home. We know that you are busy, that you have a lot juggle, and that your children's education is so precious. 

When can I buy it? 

August 14-August 16 

What age group does this bundle target?

Between 3 and 7

Are these appropriate for a MONTESSORI classroom?

Of course!

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Quality Printable Resources

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    Create beautiful hands on learning activities 
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    Have a wide range of themes and topics at your finger tips
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    Engage your students with creative and exciting activities
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We hope you love these materials. Our goal was to create engaging, beautiful, and meaningful learning materials to inspire a love of learning

Katherine & Yuliya


Don't Wait! This bundle is available for a LIMITED time only!

The printables you need to create beautiful, Montessori, learning activities at your finger tips! Everything in one place!

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Yuliya blogs at Welcome to Mommyhood, where she shares life as a mother, raising children in a Montessori inspired home, and teaching ESL. She writes about learning activities and printables for parents and teachers, tips and resources for setting up a Montessori home, and life from a wheelchair.

Katherine is a Montessori teacher from Ukraine. She works over at I Believe in Montessori. She creates different printable learning materials that can be used in the classroom and at home. She blogs at I Believe in Montessori where she shares her Montessori ideas and tries to inspire teachers and parents.