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Welcome to Mommyhood was started by Yuliya Fruman, a paralysed mom to a son and daughter. Yuliya has a Research Masters in International Relations and Modern History and has work experience with public speaking, conducting field research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and has published academic articles. You can read more about Yuliya and her family over at the About Yuliya page.




Welcome to Mommyhood was created after the birth of my son as a way to give others an insight into our day, ranging from our fun, learning activities to our healthy lifestyle, I wanted to document it! Since then, this blog has grown to cover many topics such as Montessori learning activities, Letter of the Week, preschool activities, setting up a Montessori home, paralysis, pregnancy, and more!

Welcome to Mommyhood is growing every day on social media, as well as gaining increasing monthly pageviews. Alongside, loyal readers that come back frequently.

Statistics (March 2017):

  • Pageviews: 57,000+
  • Email subscribers: 2,000+
  • Facebook likes: 5,800+
  • Pinterest followers: 2,500+

Demographics (March 2017):

Welcome to Mommyhood has an international audience and appeals to many different types of people. Here is an overview of the demographics of my readers.
  • 25-34 years old (44 percent of readers)
  • 35-44 years old (33 percent of readers)
  • 93 percent are female

The majority of my audience is located in the United States of America. However, I also have many readers from the Netherlands, Russia, Canada, and India.

Opportunities available:

Since the start of Welcome to Mommyhood, I have worked hard to build a loyal audience base. As a result, my readers trust Welcome to Mommyhood and the items or companies that we  promote on here. That means that Welcome to Mommyhood will only promote products or companies that we believe in, but we will then work very hard to do so.There are many ways that Welcome to Mommyhood can help your company, brand, or product.

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